Meet the Antron® Brand. We Make Fiber Matter.

We get how you use carpet. We understand the needs of the people and businesses who make, spec, buy and use carpet. We help their carpet live up to its fullest potential by offering high-performing carpet fiber and expert guidance on when and where to use it. We optimize the total carpet experience by making carpet look better longer, minimizing maintenance and simplifying the specifying and buying process. We don't make the carpet, but Antron® fiber is the starting line to uncommon carpet.

  • + Spec It

    Why bother writing a carpet spec? Because you're not made of time—or money. Carpet Fiber Matters. Are you choosing wisely for your next project? Let Antron® nylon carpet fiber show you how to Spec It to last.

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    + What’s The Difference?

    Not all nylon carpet fibers are created equally. Do they have the same texture retention? Do they handle spills the same way? Or clean up easy? The answer is No. Antron® makes uncommon carpet fiber. Fiber that matters. Fiber that can help carpet stand up to all the challenges in commercial spaces. Watch, and we'll show you.

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    + Brand

    We get carpet—and the people who work with it. But we don't make carpet, we make the carpet fiber. We're Antron®, our nylon fiber can help make commercial carpeting—and commercial spaces—uncommon. Let us show you why Fiber Matters.

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  • + Convergence

    We draw inspiration from many things, and find that commonalities can be drawn even from opposing sources. Last year was a year of convergence, where we explored the world from ancient China all the way to MakerFaire.  See how Antron® interprets the world around us into innovative ideas.

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  • + Inspiring Spaces

    A short video about Antron® fibre in inspiring spaces.

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