INVISTA manufactures several distinct type 6,6 nylon products for the commercial carpet market designed to meet specific market needs.

Antron® nylon

Given its optiumum molecular chain alignment, nylon 6.6 has a tight and strong molecular structure. Carpets made of Antron® nylon offer outstanding qualities for the contract sector with medium to heavy traffic use. It is available in a wide range of fibre sizes, lustres and dyeabilities, offering excellent design flexibility.

Antron® Lumena solution dyed nylon

With inherent stain resistance and colorfastness, and outstanding soil resistance, Antron® Lumena solution dyed nylon offers exceptional performance across the variety of commercial markets.

Antron® Legacy nylon

With outstanding soil resistance and appearance retention, Antron® Legacy nylon offers virtually unlimited styling flexibility with the widest range of fibre sizes, lusters and dyeabilities in the industry.

Antron® Brilliance nylon

A unique white dyeable fibre that combines the proven soil hiding capability of hollow filament fibres and patented fiber engineering that delivers richer, more vibrant color.